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Local tourist information center – CORNEREVA

Harta turistica Cornereva

The Tourist Information Centre is addressed tourists visiting the village Cornereva and other neighboring areas, Cornereva is located near the tourist attraction areas : Lake of Poiana Rusca Teregova, Baile Herculane, Cerna Mountains and Mountains Tarcului.

Richness and rarity of natural phenomena: geomorphological, speleological, floristic, naturalist and wildlife drew attention to the existence of natural reserves which are stipulated in Law No.. 5/2000:

  • - Reserve Iauna - Craiova in municipalities Cornereva and Mehadia ( 1545,1 ha)
  • - Reserve Belareca the villages Cornereva and Mehadia (1665,7 ha)
  • - Ion Barzoni cave in Cornereva (0,1 ha).

Cornereva village tourism potential is natural landscape beauty of Cerna Mountains, opportunity to fish the rivers of the radius of Cornereva, where you can fish for trout and barbel and the opportunity to practice hunting, as common Cornereva has an area of 27454 hectares of woods where they find shelter many species of animals that : fox, deer, boar, bear, etc.. You can also organize horse-drawn carriage rides.

LOCAL TOURIST INFORMATION CENTER-Cornereva is located in the village Cornereva, and is located in the center Cornereva. Access to the site is the existing main street (DJ 608).

Cornereva village is situated in Caras-Severin,this county is located in the southwestern of Romania. This village occup eastern extremity of the county, being located near inerferenţei of Depression and Depression Almaj Mehadia-Domaşnea,the latter being located on Timis-Cerna,lane that separates the western area of ​​the Southern Carpathians, represented by Cerna Mountains, Banat Mountains. Besides the municipality Cornereva takes place much of the Cerna Mountains with mountain peaks exceeding 1800 meters altitude and depression which is located south of the basin area Cornereva. South this depression contact with Timis-Cerna, and north continue over Furca Obtii whit depression Rusca-Teregova.